Day 29 – How To Use Insights And Monitor Videos -FREE-Video Course By Brand Personalization FREE 30 Day Video Marketing Course! Daily Sept Video Posted! Follow Along In Real Time! In this Lesson How To Insights And Monitor Videos Dustin Salmons guides you through how to use Insights to see your viewer base and how to see if you need to change your approach based on who and where your views are. You will also learn the importance of monitoring your content to see how it is being used and what sites it is being used on. You will get quick tips on finding people that steal your content, and how to fill out the DMCA Report on YouTube. Now that we know how to keep a handle on our content, lets blast it out to hundreds of sites! In This FREE Course You Will Learn: ? How to setup YouTube the right way ? How to get Thousands of Followers ? How to get Thousands of Friends ? How to get Thousands of Views ? How to get the most out of Insights ? How to help your videos go Viral ? How to Engage your Viewers ? Common Questions Answered ? Common Myths Exposed ? Updated Everyday for 30 Days ? Monthly Followups with Stats ? Monthly Followups with Latest News ? Published by Brand Personalization ? Created/Taught By Dustin Salmons ? Follow along in Real Time ? Um, oh yea, and it’s FREE! Day 1 – How To Setup A YouTube Account Day 2 – How To Make Friends On YouTube Day 3 – How To SEO Your YouTube Videos Day 4 – How To Collaborate With Other Users Day 5 – How To SEO Your YouTube

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Driving down the Information Superhighway is a daunting task for anyone that does not already know the roads. Luckily, Dustin Salmons of Brand Personalization invites you along for the ride to travel down the paths you don't understand and some that you didn't even know existed. Dustin has been paving the way since 1996 even before the Internet was known as the Information Superhighway. Dustin has been blazing the trail regardless if he was consulting multinational corporations were learning the best ways to get his own retail stores found online. Even now that the roads are nicely paved it is difficult to read the signs. Many people's fear of getting off the wrong exit prevents them from starting their journey in the first place. While the roads may seem foreign at first, with the right guide that can translate in simple to understand terms, will help you to venture out on your own. Regardless if you choose to do everything completely by yourself or with assistance, you will now have the information that you need. Even if you choose to take the route of service providers, it is still important to understand what they are doing and why. So, regardless if you would like to learn more about social media or Search Engine Optimization, or Online Branding in general, Dustin will light your path and hold your hand along the way. Dustin gives you the keys every week to travel down the road of success so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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