Who Is Brand Personalization?

Brand Personalization takes a holistic approach to online branding. We do not believe in the cookie-cutter offerings of yesteryear. Instead, we analyze your current online presence, then personalize a solution to achieve your goals.

Brand Personalization is a US based branding firm specializing in SEO, Social Media, and Local SEO. While we provide services internationally, and have offices in select countries, we pride ourselves in the fact that all services are rendered in-house. It is unfortunate that the current trend among service providers is to outsource projects to Third World countries. We believe the trade-offs between cost and security are far to great to put our clients in jeopardy. Instead, we employ the leaders of the industry to provide a level of service that is second to none. Our clients have the peace of mind that their information will never be shared with a third party, and the integrity of their brand will remain intact. We utilize enterprise-level industry-standard tools, as well as proprietary software that was custom-built to fill the ever-changing needs of our clients and our evolving processes. We ensure that our clients have the very best tools at their disposal, and a level of service and support to match. Welcome to Branding 2.0

Levels of Service

I’ll do it myself
For those that choose the DIY approach, we offer free trainings and courses to give you a solid base of unbiased information. Instead of limiting information, we offer a full library to help those that are trying to do it themselves.
Do it with me
For those that are managing their own online presence, but would rather rely on professional tools and expert guidance, this is a very powerful option. We offer consulting on both a personal and corporate level, as well as providing direct access to enterprise-level tools and reporting.
Do it for me
This option is best suited for those that would prefer a fully managed environment. This turnkey solution will enable you to leave the details to us, and just provide your own content. If you would rather Brand Personalization handle content and status updates as well, our in-house copywriters will take care of everything.

Our Work Team

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